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Dragon Day, You are Dead (2017)-
Dragon Day, You are Dead (2017) - Drama

Title: Dragon Day, You are Dead (2017) 2017

Genre: Drama/Romance/School/Youth

Released: 2017

Country: Chinese

Long Riyi / You are Dead (2017) / Long Riyi / You are / Dragon Day / You are Dead

Description :

“Long Riyi, You are Dead (Dragon Day, you’re dead)” adapted from the same youth writer Xiao Nizi masterpiece “Dragon, you’re dead” Oriental Star Entertainment jointly produced. Directed by Li Yao Bo, Zhang Ning screenwriter, Qiu He Nan, Hou Peisun, Wei Zhe Ming, Shi Xue Jing, Huang Qian-seok and other stars.The play mainly tells the story of Zhang Jingmei, a top student, and the love story of Long riyi, a school devil. Zhang Jingmei is a typicalhostess in youth school literature. Long riyi is an out-and-out campus devil, when the devil met drama, a series of funny romantic story start

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