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Detention - Movie

Title: Detention 2019

Genre: Horror/Psychological/Thriller

Released: 2019

Country: Taiwanese

返校 / Fan Xiao

Description :

Set in 1962, during White Terror period of Taiwan, Fang Ray Shin and her teacher Mr. Chang fell in love with each other. It was a dangerous time when sensitive books were banned and free speech was restricted, but Mr. Chang secretly organized a study group for banned books, together with fellow teacher Miss Yin and male student Wei Chong Ting.

One day, Mr. Chang disappears. Fang Ray Shin and Wei Chong Ting wake up in the middle of the night and find themselves trapped in Greenwood High School. The place they once knew has changed in unsettling ways, haunted by rampaging demons. While looking for their missing teacher and finding ways to escape, the protagonists slowly unveil the mysteries of the dark history of their school. Can they survive?

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