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Demon Sealer Bureau (2022)-
Demon Sealer Bureau (2022) - Movie

Title: Demon Sealer Bureau (2022) 2022

Genre: Action/Fantasy

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

demon subduing division 4 / demon department 4: secret art of spiritual origin

Description :

A hundred years ago, Immortal Master Yu Xu sealed beasts in eight states, and the Southwest scared tree turned into wilted wood (a spiritual source). In the 40th year of the Zhao Dynasty, Gu Niantong, a perished cult, wanted to break the seal of the Immortal Master, to refine the sacred tree and turn it into a tree demon to poison all living beings. Up till now, the late emperor specially ordered Tang Lingfeng, the hidden supervisor of the Demon Division, and others to command the southwest to pacify the evil spirits. Conquering the tree demon requires the giant beast created by Gong Shujia, and the way to mobilize the giant beast is the "Spirit Source Secret Technique" recorded in "Luban Wiki", ,,

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