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Delinquent Family-불량한 가족
Delinquent Family - Movie

Title: 불량한 가족(Delinquent Family, Movie, 2020)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/life

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

Description :

They call us ‘misfits’ but we are a ‘perfect-fit’ family! Yuri is a high school student who plays the violin. These days, her life is messed up in every way. One day, she ends up in an abandoned building and there, she comes across Dahye, who wanders around without a home. Through Dahye and her so-called ‘family’, Yuri ironically feels the warmth of family. Out of the blue, these two girls go on a trip to find Dahye’s mother. Meanwhile, Yuri’s father has no choice but to ask the strange family, who might know Yuri’s whereabouts, for help to find his daughter.

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