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Dek Seple (2020)-
Dek Seple (2020) - Drama

Title: Dek Seple (2020)

Genre: Action/Crime/Romance/Youth

Country: Thailand

Dangerous Years / Dek Say Pley / Dek Seplay / Break the rules / เด็กเสเพล

Description :

In 1977, there’s a fight between soldiers and communists in a village along the border. Sak, a teacher in the village, loses his wife and his young daughter but his son is saved by Pew who later adopts him and changes his name to Tin. Because they are poor and no education, Tin starts to hang out with a gang of thieves. Tin snatches a lady’s purse and runs into the school where Sak is teaching. Sak helps him out and wants Tin to come to live with him. But once a thief always a thief and this time Tin gets arrested. Sak bailed him out and wishes to adopt him and put him back to school. But it might be too late...

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