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Death Duel-
Death Duel - Movie

Title: Death Duel 1978

Genre: Action/Martial Arts

Released: 1978

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

Yen Shih-san is reputed to be a swordsman without equal and in a brief space of time kills several challengers, all of whom were also skillful swordsmen. One day, Miss Mu Yung Chiu-ti suddenly appears on the scene and proclaims that Third Master is the most superior swordsman, and that he has killed several hundred swordsmen all of whom had This martial arts spectacular showcases 20-year-old Erh Tung-sheng (a.k.a. Derek Yee). Even Variety noted: "Erh's charismatic screen presence should take him to superstardom like his older brother, David Chiang." The prediction proved correct, and his performance as ace swordsman Third Master is just what any producer would want. He fights evil, saves damsels in distress (including a kindhearted prostitute played by Chow Yun-fat's first wife, Yu An-an), and duels rival swordsmen to the, well, death

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