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Dawn Break Up-
Dawn Break Up - Movie

Title: Dawn Break Up 2015

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2015

Country: Chinese

Description :

Zhang Nan (Daniel Chan ) fame, occasional music children (Yin Hang ) during a party in. Music child beauty let Zhang Nan eyebrows. This chance encounter Zhang Nan began making music children start attacking.They soon fell in love, when after a night of passion, happy child suddenly disappeared the next day, which makes Zhang Nan into doubt, Zhang Nan looking very anxious.The children are happy at home, and share the victories come with clouds River (An Jun gem ). Yunchuan, did not like the music children to pay, so let the music continue to reach children Zhang Nan. Happy children because puzzled Yunchuan move, and Yunchuan big fight.Zhang Nan driven to distraction back home, sleepless nights. Suddenly happy children called the phone, let Zhangnan Xin hi like crazy. Completely happy child's disappearance, on the back of the head, did not mention.Chuan Lok children no longer listen to the mercy of the cloud, so the cloud Chuanjia deep hatred for Zhang Nan. The cloud Chuan attack again and again so that Zhang Nan and music children's feelings undergone great rift ......

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