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Dakara Korosenakatta (2022)-
Dakara Korosenakatta (2022) - Drama

Title: Dakara Korosenakatta (2022) 2022

Genre: Mystery/Novel

Released: 2022

Country: Japanese

だから殺せなかった / So I Couldn't Kill

Description :

“Try stopping my murders with words.” This is the line in a letter delivered to Ippongi Toru, a roving reporter for Taiyo Shimbun’s local news desk, and the random serial murders which have shaken the Tokyo metropolitan area are described in detail. The criminal designates Ippongi and demands a public debate in the newspapers. Using a journalist’s power of words, Ippongi goes head to head with the criminal who warns of another murder. The unprecedented dialogue between the serial killer and newspaper reporter eventually rocks society.

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