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Dairenai - Drama

Title: Dairenai 2018

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Japanese

Don't Forget Me / Great Love: With You Who Forget Me / Dai Renai: Boku o Wasureru Kimi to / 大恋愛~僕を忘れる君と

Description :

This drama is a pure love story that depicts the miracle of love over 10 years. Kitazawa Nao (Toda Erika), a 34 year old doctor with juvenile alzheimer's, falls in love with Mamiya Shinji (Muro Tsuyoshi), a 41 year old novelist who works part time with a moving company one month before her marriage to Ihara Yuichi (Matsuoka Masahiro). Shinji keeps her bright and healthy, but Kitazawa's illness has her fearing she will one day forget.

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