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Crazy Noodle Recipe-볼빨간 라면 연구소
Crazy Noodle Recipe - Entertainment

Title: 볼빨간 라면 연구소(Crazy Noodle Recipe, Entertainment, 2020)

Genre: Cooking/Food/Variety show

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

Red-Cheeked Ramyun Lab

Description :

"Crazy Noodle Recipe" will pay research funds to whom develops the most ingenious ramyeon recipe, Korean’s soul food. Hosts will visit in person to taste, leave comments, and reveal the best ramyeon recipe they choose. From the special ramyeon taster to a host who first created the ramyeon recipe with great cooking skills. Which recipe will captivate their demanding taste buds? Check out the ramyeon recipe that will appeal to viewers’ salivary glands.

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