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Copyface - Drama

Title: Copyface 2016

Genre: Drama/melodrama/Romance/Suspense

Released: 2016

Country: Japanese

Copyface ~ Kesareta Watashi / Mirror Image / コピーフェイス〜消された私〜

Description :

Hirosawa Nodoka, a freelance journalist for a weekly magazine, gets close to Fuyuko, the wife of Asakura Shuji, the young director of a cosmetic surgery clinic, in an attempt at undercover investigation to expose the clinic’s misdeeds. However, the flight that she had boarded in pursuit of Fuyuko crashes in an accident. Misidentified as Fuyuko, Nodoka is saved and given her face through plastic surgery. She lives with the belief that she is his wife as a result of memory loss triggered by the shock of the accident. By the time she regains her memory, she has already fallen in love with the man who is another woman’s husband. Can she live like this for the sake of love or will she expose the misdeeds and return to her former life?

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