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Consummation (2020)-
Consummation (2020) - Drama

Title: Consummation (2020) 2020

Genre: Mystery/Romance/School/Suspense/Thriller/Trauma/Web Series/Youth

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

拾光的秘密 / Shi Guang De Mi Mi / The Secret of Picking Up the Light

Description :

When a VR game conjures up a realistic dream, youth restarts for a man who returns to his schooldays in a journey of self-healing.

Ten years after high school, Lin Shang He, Cui Zhen Yan, and their close friends think of a way to help Xia Shi get over the psychological trauma that he continues to suffer from since Ye Sang Yu's accident.

A game takes Xia Shi into the world of virtual reality back to the time when he was a student, thus allowing him to unravel the mystery through his memories to recover a friendship that has been lost.

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