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Color Rush (2020)-컬러 러쉬
Color Rush (2020) - Drama

Title: 컬러 러쉬(Color Rush (2020), Drama, 2020)

Genre: BL/Drama/Mystery/Romance/Web Series/Youth

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

컬러 러쉬 / 컬러러쉬 / Keoleo Reoswi / Keolleoreoswi / Keolleoleoswi / Keolleo Leoswi / Colour Rush

Description :

In "Color Rush", Yeon Woo sees the world only in grey light by a neurological blindness. But when he meets Yoo Han, it's like a meeting of destiny: Yeon Woo experiences a color rush, a phenomenon which makes him suddenly see colours through intense experiences. Next to these strange experience and the question whether Yeon Woo and Yoo Han are destined lovers, there is also the mystery of a mother's disappearance to unfold.

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