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Closest Love to Heaven (Kyô no Kira kun)-
Closest Love to Heaven (Kyô no Kira kun) - Movie

Title: Closest Love to Heaven (Kyô no Kira kun) 2017

Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance/School/Youth

Released: 2017

Country: Japanese

きょうのキラ君 / Kyo no Kira kun / Kyou no Kira kun / Today's Kira / Today's Kira-kun / Today's Kira kun

Description :

A love story nurtured by a high school girl named Okamura Ninon who fell in love with the handsome boy, Kira Yuiji. Having been bullied in the past, Ninon finds it difficult to engage with other people, therefore she keeps her bangs long and maintains a safe distance from her surroundings. Ninon was being ridiculed for her love of birds and to her defense came Kira, the most handsome and popular boy in class. Everyone admires Kira, yet nobody knew he felt lonely and was suffering from a heart disease. Ninon learned about the secret and promises that she'll stay by Kira's side for the remaining year of his life. Ninon together with Kira's friends, Kazuhiro Yabe and Yahagi Rei, they form a bond of friendship making Kira's remaining 365 days bright and meaningful.

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