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Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies-워킹걸
Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies - Movie

Title: 워킹걸(Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies, Movie, 2015)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Mature

Released: 2015

Country: Korean

Weokinggul / Working Girl / Casa Amor / Exclusive for Ladies / 워킹걸

Description :

Bo Hee works at a toy company. She is viewed favorably at work and is set for a promotion, but when she made a stupid mistake, she was then fired from her job. Bo Hee opens her eyes to the world of ‘real’ joy with the help of her neighbor who runs an adult toy shop, CASA AMOR. Now she bursts out ideas as a marketer to promote adult toys instead of children’s, she then starts an adult products business with Nan Hee.

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