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Boys to Men (2015)-
Boys to Men (2015) - Drama

Title: Boys to Men (2015) 2015

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Released: 2015

Country: Chinese

Ba Ba Kuai Zhang Da / Dad Grow Up / 爸爸快长大 / Dad Is Going to Grow Up / 爸爸快长大

Description :

Cui Wei, Sun Qiang, and Song Danan are old friends from high school. Now they are fathers but have not really matured. The departure of his wife made Cui Wei, the deputy director of the bank, ruined. Without the help of his old friends, he might not be able to pass this hurdle. The appearance of Wang Shanshan, who is straightforward, makes him even more unprepared; Sun Qiang is handsome and narcissistic, often provokes his wife Feng Jingjing to be angry. However, he always has a way to recover; Song Danan is an "economic control", successfully brainwashed his wife Lu Xiaoting as a sinner who does not like to spend money, and the two of them ventured into a partnership after experiencing a career change. The drama mainly tells the story of the three people facing the difficulties and crises in life and has the courage and responsibility to finally restore their own happy stories.

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