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Bodies at Rest-
Bodies at Rest - Movie

Title: Bodies at Rest 2019

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama/Investigation/Suspense/Thriller

Released: 2019

Country: Chinese

沉默的证人 / Chen Mo De Zheng Ren

Description :

A story revolving around a forensic examiner and an intern as they engage in a deadly match with a high-profile criminal called Santa.

On Christmas Eve, three armed and dangerous men who work for Santa attack a forensic center to steal evidence. They kill the guards and violently kidnap two forensic examiners Chen Jia Hao and intern Qiao Lin. As they become suspicious of the identity of their captors and their real motives, Chen Jia Hao and Qiao Lin use their knowledge of forensics for a final showdown with the bad guys, even at the expense of their own lives.

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