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Bedardi Saiyaan (2017)-
Bedardi Saiyaan (2017) - Drama

Title: Bedardi Saiyaan (2017) 2017

Genre: Drama/Family

Released: 2017

Country: Other Asia

بے دردی سیاں

Description :

Bedardi Saiyaan captures the struggles of widowed women and their emotions. Sauliha Khatoon is one woman this drama serial revolves around— whose husband’s death leaves her with limited options for survival. She moves to her brother’s house along with a son and daughter but even seeking a favour from a blood relative comes with a price here. The downtrodden members of Sauliha Khatoon’s family face discouragement and taunts from her brother’s wife on a daily basis.

As time passes, Sauliha’s daughter and son excel in life. Their lives turn out to be all about unending tests. Sauliha’s daughter, Hania, gets trapped by a greedy and cunning man who intends to capture her money after marriage. He continuously plants diabolic schemes against his wife (Hania) for looting her business and takes maximum advantage from her efforts. She begins to question what the future really holds for her after he shows his true colors.

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