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Beautiful Trainee (2018)-
Beautiful Trainee (2018) - Drama

Title: Beautiful Trainee (2018) 2018

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Chinese

美丽见习生 / Mei Li Jian Xi Sheng

Description :

A story that revolves around a small town girl who overcomes societal prejudice and many roadblocks to become a supermodel. Zhang Mei Li is a fast food worker who finds herself becoming the subject of a bet between a big company called Fashion Group and its investors. She is recruited by chief editor Lin Da who vows to put her through rigorous training to turn her into a supermodel. Afraid to lose her, Mei Li's fiancee Da Bao who also works in the fast food industry does everything in his power to hinder her success. Moreover, Mei Li encounters various prickly personalities such as fashion editor Song Chu Chu and Zhuang Bei Di. Through it all, she meets Li Ze Yu from market research who encourages and helps her unconditionally.

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