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Ban Lang Mek (2015)-
Ban Lang Mek (2015) - Drama

Title: Ban Lang Mek (2015) 2015

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2015

Country: Thailand

The Cloud Throne / บัลลังก์เมฆ

Description :

Panrung Samurtaewa, the daughter of madame Kongkwan the CEO of Samurtaewa Dueng Rueang company. She graduated after studying oversea. He mother, madame Kongkwan, had high expectation that her daughter will took over the business after her. At her welcome back party, Panrung meets Gunteeya, her old friend from school. She also meets Lieutenant Wasuthep, Gunteeya's fiance. Wasuthep then fallen in love with Panrung. He decided to dump Gunteeya and get engaged with Panrung instead. Gunteeya was enraged. But, when Panrung met Chunam Direkeithiya, playboy oversea student that were interesting and lively than Wasuthep. She decided to dump Wasuthep and send him back to Gunteeya. Moreover, she married Chunam without listening to her mother's objection.

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