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B for Busy (2021)-
B for Busy (2021) - Movie

Title: B for Busy (2021) 2021

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

爱情神话 / 愛情神話 / Ai Qing Shen Hua / Myth of Love / Love Myth

Description :

50-year-old Shanghai's uncle Lao Bai has been divorced for many years and lives by teaching people to paint. He is lonely but he does not want to admit loneliness. He had an exotic past that he fell in love with at first sight many years ago, which he was willing to be alone all his life. Lao Wu is a good friend of Lao Bai. Lao Bai admired Lao Wu, but could only live in the real world of firewood, rice, oil, and salt. Lao Wu only loved one person in his life, and eventually wrote a dreamlike love myth.

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