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Atarashii Osama-새로운 왕
Atarashii Osama - Drama

Title: 새로운 왕(Atarashii Osama, Drama, 2019)

Genre: Business/Friendship

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

新しい王様 / New King

Description :

Akiba used to be a successful businessman. Now he spends his days working on developing mobile apps. He settles down at Koshiro’s office. Koshiro runs a temp agency, which is experiencing financial distress. Koshiro dreams of becoming a successful businessman.

One day, Akiba and Koshiro meet Eri as she is being chased by a loan shark. Eri begins to live with Akiba and Koshiro.

Meanwhile, Isao knows Akiba from their past. He now runs a successful investment company and dominates people with his wealth.

Akiba and Isao decide to buy a Tokyo broadcasting station.

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