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Asakusa Kid (2021)-
Asakusa Kid (2021) - Movie

Title: Asakusa Kid (2021) 2021

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Novel

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

浅草キッド / Asakusa Kiddo

Description :

In 1965, Takeshi Kitano drops out of a university and enters the Asakusa France Za, which is a performance theater. He becomes an apprentice to Senzaburo Fukami, who is a legendary entertainer. Senzaburo Fukami demands that Takeshi Kitano keep the mindset of an entertainer, not only on stage but also in his daily life. Takeshi Kitano cultivates his dream of becoming an entertainer with other apprentices. Due to the popularity of TV, people attend the theater less and less, but Takeshi Kitano spends his youthful days with Senzaburo Fukami and other apprentices who are full of talent and unique personalities.

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