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As We Wish (2022)-
As We Wish (2022) - Drama

Title: As We Wish (2022) 2022

Genre: Drama/Family/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

幸福二重奏 / 好女好男 / Hao Nu Hao Nan / Xing Fu Er Chong Zou

Description :

Miao Sha is an elite in the sales industry, who is known for her ability to strive amidst difficult circumstances. Her husband Fang Cheng, on the other hand, is an ordinary IT employee despite many years of work experience. However, an incident caused Miao Sha to lose the opportunity to promote, and she was switched to another department. Fang Cheng decides to work hard to support his wife. This causes the balance of the family to suddenly change but provides an opportunity for the couple to have a change in thinking. Together, they face and overcome the obstacles in front of them, and understood the true essence of marriage.

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