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Akiko's Piano-
Akiko's Piano - Movie

Title: Akiko's Piano 2020

Genre: Drama/Family/Historical/War

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

Akiko’s Piano ~被爆したピアノが奏でる和音~ / Akiko's Piano: Chords Played by the Surviving Piano

Description :

1940, Kawamoto Akiko lives in Hiroshima with her father and mother, Genkichi and Shizuko, as well as her two younger brothers. Akiko loves playing her favorite piano. As the war situation worsens, she is busy helping out the war efforts. On the morning of August 6, 1945, she disobeys her father and heads into the center of town for work. In Hiroshima 75 years later, her favorite piano remains, restored and playable following it's survival of the atomic bombing.

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