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Aces Go Places 5-
Aces Go Places 5 - Movie

Title: Aces Go Places 5 1989

Genre: Action/Comedy

Released: 1989

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

Two friends who own an investment firm turn to a policeman friend for help when they are framed for robbery by a gang of antiquities smugglers. When The Aces latest job turns sour, partners Baldy (Karl Maka) and King Kong (Sam Hui) decide to go their separate ways; however, they are reunited three years later after a brother and sister crime duo, The New Aces (played by the late, great Leslie Cheung and beautiful Nina Li) frame them for the theft of China's national treasures, the Terracotta Army and a valuable sword. With both the Chinese authorities (led by Conan Lee's Chinese Rambo) and a gang of criminals hot on their trail, the guys are forced to work together once again in order to prove their innocence.

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