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A-TEEN 2 (2019)-에이틴 2
A-TEEN 2 (2019) - Drama

Title: 에이틴 2(A-TEEN 2 (2019), Drama, 2019)

Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance/School/Web Series/Youth

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

에이틴 2 / A TEEN 2 / A-Teen: Season 2 / A-Teen Season 2 / A-Teen S2 / A Teen: Season 2 / A Teen Season 2 / A Teen S2 / A Teen 2

Description :

Season 2 of “A-TEEN” will focus on the changes in the lives of the lead characters as they approach the ages of 18 and 19 (by Korean reckoning). The show will realistically showcase the conflicts and worries the characters will have ahead of what seems like the greatest hurdle in their lives—the college entrance exam. It will also realistically display the many choices they will make in the process of preparing for the exam.

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