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A Taste of Love (2001)-
A Taste of Love (2001) - Drama

Title: A Taste of Love (2001) 2001

Genre: Drama/Food/Romance

Released: 2001

Country: Hong Kong

Mei May Ching Yuen / Mei Wei Qing Yuan / 美味情緣

Description :

"A Taste of Love" begins at a very fancy and famous restaurant with the talented Ma Yau as their chief chef. A middle-aged man, Joyce's dad, walked into the restaurant and requested some dishes which causes Ma Yau to know who the person is. Ma Yau cooked those special dishes and brought them out himself. They sat and talked as the man tasted his food and complimented his extreme talent. The man was Ma Yau's lifesaver because when Ma Yau was little, the man would cook a meal for Ma Yau to eat, which eventually made him interested in the profession of cooking.

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