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A Little Princess-감쪽같은 그녀
A Little Princess - Movie

Title: 감쪽같은 그녀(A Little Princess, Movie, 2019)

Genre: Drama/Family

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

감쪽같은 그녀 / Kamjjokgateun Geunyeo / The Little Princess / Gamjjokkateun Geunyeo

Description :

Mal Soon is a tough granny in a shantytown in Busan. In front of her, 12-year-old Gong Ju appears with her baby sister Jin Ju on her back. Gong Ju claims that she is the daughter of Mal Soon’s runaway daughter. Mal Soon’s peaceful life becomes a mess with these little strangers, but Mal Soon doesn’t feel bad living with them. Their happy-yet-unpredictable life under one roof is about to start!

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