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A Gift (2016)-
A Gift (2016) - Movie

Title: A Gift (2016) 2016

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Music/Romance

Released: 2016

Country: Thailand

พรจากฟ้า / Pohn Jak Fa / A Gift / Pohn jak fah / Phon Chak Fa / New Year's Gift

Description :

"‘A Gift’ is the next captivating offering from GDH honouring the King’s musical compositions by highlighting his songs within a cinematic symphony of romance, soul-searching drama and heartwarming humour. This film is dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej as an end-of-year gift to all the people of Thailand.The film tells the story of 6 people who are trying to overcome challenges that life has thrown at them. ‘A Gift’ is unwrapped for your viewing pleasure using a three-degree of separation narrative, divided into three parts and filmed by three different directing teams."

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