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A Choo-
A Choo - Movie

Title: A Choo 2020

Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance/Sports

Released: 2020

Country: Taiwanese

打噴嚏 / 不倒侠 打噴嚏 / 不倒侠 / 我的情敌是超人 / Bu Dao Xia / Da Pei Ti / Wi De Qing Di Shi Chao Ren

Description :

Even when they were orphans, Wang Yi Zhi has always been in love with Xin Xin. Now older, Yi Zhi decides to train as a boxer before he allows himself to profess his love, but only for her to fall for a geeky computer engineer who is secretly a popular superhero. When Xin Xin gets kidnapped, Yi Zhi must prove his love and his fighting skills to get the girl of his dreams.

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