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A Boy and Sungreen (KR 2019)-보희와 녹양
A Boy and Sungreen (KR 2019) - Movie

Title: 보희와 녹양(A Boy and Sungreen (KR 2019), Movie, 2019)

Genre: Drama/Family/Friendship

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

보희와 녹양 / Bo Hui and Nok Yang / Bo Hui Wa Nok Yang / Boheewa Nokyang

Description :

Bo Hee is a sensitive high schooler raised by his mother. When he accidentally learns that his supposedly dead father may not be dead after all, Bo Hee goes off on a search with his BFF Nokyang, nicknamed Sungreen, in tow. While trying to fill the void left by a lack of father figure in his life, Bo Hee unwittingly forms a makeshift family when he bonds with his half-sister’s slacker boyfriend.

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