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77 Heartbreaks-
77 Heartbreaks - Movie

Title: 77 Heartbreaks 2017

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2017

Country: Hong Kong

原谅他77次 / Yuan Liang Ta 77 Ci / Yuen Loeng Taa 77 Chi

Description :

When Adam and Eva break up after ten years, Adam thinks the breach was caused by one trivial incident, but Eva knows she's already forgiven Adam 77 times! Sweethearts since law school, Adam changed professions to start a Thai boxing studio and gradually became indifferent to Eva. Seemingly petty matters, like forgetting she hates raisin cookies, become the catalyst for her moving out and changing her Facebook status to "single".

Despondent, Adam has a drunken tryst with his student, Mandy. Adam gains new insight after accidentally discovering Eva's private journal. Entitled "77 Heartbreaks", the title refers to the philosophy that "forgiving someone 7 times isn't enough; 70 x 7 times is too much; so go ahead and forgive 77 times!" Reading it makes Adam realize his love. But what can he do to win her back?

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