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70-Sai, Hajimete Umimasu Sebuntiuizan-
70-Sai, Hajimete Umimasu Sebuntiuizan - Drama

Title: 70-Sai, Hajimete Umimasu Sebuntiuizan 2020

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

70才、初めて産みますセブンティウイザン / Giving birth for the first time at 70 years old / The First 70 year old to Give Birth

Description :

A 65-year-old salaryman Etsuki Tomokazu who is approaching retirement, comes home one day to hear a shocking declaration from his wife Yuko who is near 70, “I’m pregnant!” The couple struggle with whether to have the child given the physical risk of having a baby at such a late stage in life. As first-time parents, they fail and go back and forth for everything in an antenatal class with young couples.

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