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4 Wheeled Restaurant Korea (2020)-
4 Wheeled Restaurant Korea (2020) - Entertainment

Title: 4 Wheeled Restaurant Korea (2020) 2020

Genre: Food/Variety show

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

Will They Eat When Delivered? / Will the Locals Eat It? Season 4 / 4 Wheeled Restaurant Season 4 / baedalhaeseo meoghilkka?

Description :

A spin off of “4 Wheeled Restaurant”, this time a new team consist of celebrities and professional chef open their restaurant in South Korea but instead of the usual food truck, they will delivered the foods right to your door! I AM SAM is a restaurant that make Italian food but only available for delivery through ordering with food delivery applications or calling in to the kitchen to order. With no experience in the deliveries world and the cast members' identities are unknown to the customers, will they succeed?

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