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252 Seizonsha Ari-
252 Seizonsha Ari - Movie

Title: 252 Seizonsha Ari 2008

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/Thriller

Released: 2008

Country: Japanese

252 生存者あり / 252生存者あり / 252: Seizonsha Ari / 252: Signal of Life / 252 Signal of Life

Description :

A few weeks after a gigantic earthquake strikes Tokyo, the temperature of the Pacific Ocean suddenly increases and causes the largest typhoon ever seen in Japan to head towards Tokyo with devastating force. The tidal wave generated by the typhoon covers the coastal city area with water. The Tokyo Fire Department dispatches its elite rescue unit, Hyper Rescue, and their sonar picks up a signal from underwater. Beneath the ground, in one devastated subway station, there is someone sending out a code which is known to rescuers only: 252 252 "We have survivors!" A rescue party tries to save the survivors at the risk of their own lives. In the face of death, a daring rescue operation is to be carried out.

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