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12 Nights-열두 밤
12 Nights - Drama

Title: 열두 밤(12 Nights, Drama, 2018)

Genre: Drama/life/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Korean

열두 밤 / Yeoldubam / Twelve Nights / Twelve Days of Night / 12 Days of Night

Description :

Is it just a coincidence, or is it fate?

A man and a woman meet time and time again over the span of 8 years. Han Yoo Kyung is an aspiring photographer who graduated from college in New York. After a painful breakup from her boyfriend, she travels to Seoul. There, she meets Cha Hyun Oh, a man who aspires to be a dancer. He quit his job in Japan and took an impulsive trip to Korea for 4 days. After sharing some time together, they part ways.

But not for long, as Yoo Kyung and Hyun Oh somehow keep encountering each other many times on three different trips and spend 12 nights together. Is there a special meaning behind each time they meet, and will all of this time spent with each other develop into more than an encounter?

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