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10 Minutes (2013)-10분
10 Minutes (2013) - Movie

Title: 10분 (10 Minutes (2013), Movie, 2013)

Genre: Drama/melodrama

Released: 2013

Country: Korean

10분 / Sip Bun

Description :

KANG Ho-chan is studying and preparing for his dream job as a TV station producer. Barely scraping by since his father's retirement, his family has high hopes for him. However, he fails time and time again to get into the station and eventually ends up getting a part-time job at a government office to support his family. One day, one full-time employee resigns and Ho-chan's boss offers him a permanent position. Ho-chan hesitates between his long-time dream of becoming a producer and a steady job. After thinking long and hard, he chooses to be realistic and take the offer, but someone else gets appointed for the job. Suddenly, Ho-chan gets left out in the cold and ends up back in a dilemma.

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