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[SUB] The Second Husband (2021) Episode 30-두번째 남편
[SUB] The Second Husband (2021) Episode 30 - Drama

Title: 두번째 남편(The Second Husband (2021), Drama, 2021)

Genre: Drama/Family/melodrama/Revenge/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

두번째 남편 / Dubeonjjae Nampyeon / Second Husband / A Second Husband

Description :

It revolves around Bong Seon Hwa and her family surrounding a confectionery company. She underwent an unfortunate childhood, but due to her strong and positive personality, she rises up. Growing up in same neighborhood she had a long relationship with Moon Sang Hyuk. But, when she unjustly loses her family due to a tragedy born out of an unstoppable desire, she pledges revenge in the mixed fate and love.

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