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[RAW] Liu Gong An (2021) Episode 38-
[RAW] Liu Gong An (2021) Episode 38 - Drama

Title: Liu Gong An (2021) 2021

Genre: Comedy/Historical/Mystery

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

刘墉追案 / 刘公案之刘墉下山东 / 刘公案之海右寻踪 / Liu Gong An Zhi Hai You Xun Zong / Liu Gong An Zhi Liu Yong Xia Dong Shan / Liu Yong Zhui An / Liu Yong Pursues the Case

Description :

The story of Liu Yong, a loyal officer, who heads to Shan Dong to obverse the situation of the place and citizens, and report back to the Emperor.

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