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[SUB] The Master of Cheongsam (2021) Episode 33-
[SUB] The Master of Cheongsam (2021) Episode 33 - Drama

Title: The Master of Cheongsam (2021) 2021

Genre: Drama

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

一剪芳华 / 一剪芳華 / 华服传奇 / 華服傳奇 / Yi Jian Fang Hua / Hua Fu Chuan Qi

Description :

After Lu Zhi Yuan fell apart with his teacher and suffered oppression from his seniors, he left Beiping and heads to Shanghai. With his hard work, he earns recognition in Shanghai. When war erupts in Beiping, Lu Zhi Yuan heads back and swore not to make cheongsams for the Japanese. He uses his skills to become one of the greatest costume designers of China.

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