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[SUB] Paik Class (Baek Jong Won's Class) Episode 12-Paik Class
[SUB] Paik Class (Baek Jong Won's Class) Episode 12 - Entertainment

Title: Paik Class(Paik Class (Baek Jong Won's Class), Entertainment, 2021)

Genre: Food/Variety

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

Baek Jong Won's Class

Description :

Paik Class, led by Paik Jong-won, one of the most famous chefs in Korea, aims to promote Korean food that people can enjoy anywhere in the world. With Sung Si-kyung, one of the most famous food-loving celebrities, Paik teaches foreigners the authentic Korean food that you can cook with limited ingredients. Pay attention to this show! With Paik and Sung, you can enjoy the authentic Korean taste anywhere.

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