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[SUB] Two Souls in One (2021) Episode 23-
[SUB] Two Souls in One (2021) Episode 23 - Drama

Title: Two Souls in One (2021) 2021

Genre: Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

罗密欧方程式 / Luo Mi Ou Fang Cheng Shi / Romeo Equation

Description :

Luo Ou and Tang Mi are brother and sister, one with their father's surname and one with their mother's surname. Their parents passed away early, and the siblings have lived together. Over time, Luo Ou was discovered by a scout and became a rising star, while his sister Tang Mi lived and ordinary life. Luo Ou suddenly got into a car accident and became unconscious. In order for her brother's dream to continue, Tang Mi takes on her brother's identity and joined the crew. Entering the crew Tang Mi, met senior of the crew Yang Han again. At this time, Yang Han was already famous, and he didn't remember the school girl. Yang Han paid great attention to this motivated young and healthy young man, but the paper could not cover the fire. He soon discovered Tang Mi ’s “secret”, but a series of misunderstandings made the two fall for each other.

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