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[RAW] Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume Episode 05-
[RAW] Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume Episode 05 - Drama

Title: Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume 2021

Genre: Drama

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

ソロ活女子のススメ / Recommendations for Solo Live Girls / Soro Katsu Joshi no Susume

Description :

Megumi Soutome is a contract employee in the editorial department at a publishing company. She is invited by her colleagues to join them for a drink get-together, but Megumi Soutome declines their offer. She leaves quickly after work. The reason why she is in such a rush, is so she can have a "solo katasu." She enjoys solo activities like eating alone at restaurants, having her own party, and staying at love motels.

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