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[SUB] Mistress - Onnatachi no Himitsu Episode 09-
[SUB] Mistress - Onnatachi no Himitsu Episode 09 - Drama

Title: Mistress - Onnatachi no Himitsu 2019

Genre: Mystery/Romance/Thriller

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

Mistress ~Onnatachi no Himitsu~ / Mistresses: Onna-tachi no Himitsu / Mistress / Mistresses

Description :

Shibasaki Kaori is a doctor. Her patient that she was having an affair with dies. Kaori is suspicious of the patient's son Kido Takashi about the death. Noguchi Tomomi is a single mother. She is excited in experiencing love for the first time in 7 years. Harada Saeko is in conflict with her husband Harada Satoshi about having a child. Mizushima Juri insists on having freewheeling romance. She feels excitement with meeting a woman.These four women's lives connect and an unexpected story begins.

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