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[RAW] Pandora Iv   Ai Sensou Episode 01-판도라IV AI전쟁
[RAW] Pandora Iv Ai Sensou Episode 01 - Drama

Title: 판도라IV AI전쟁(Pandora Iv Ai Sensou, Drama, )

Genre: Drama/Medical/Sci-fi

Country: Japanese

Pandora IV AI Senso / Pandora 4 AI War / パンドラIV AI戦争

Description :

Tetsuro Suzuki is a researcher at a medical center run by an IT company. He develops AI technology that is able to diagnose patients much more accurately and faster than human doctors. As a result, Shunpei Gamo, a representative of the IT company, insists on using the AI technology more. Naoko Arizono, who is president of the doctor's association, opposes the idea. Things run amiss when a journalist discovers that a patient diagnosed by AI has died and starts investigating.

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