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[RAW] Nervous (2017) Episode 14-
[RAW] Nervous (2017) Episode 14 - Drama

Title: Nervous (2017)

Genre: Comedy/Romance/School/Supernatural/Suspense/Youth

Country: Chinese

Shen Jing Xue Mei /神精学妹第一季

Description :

Le You is a wandering soul who lost her memory, the only thing she knows is that she committed suicide out of depression. She enters Xia Mi’s body and nags her to help her find her lost memory. In order to get rid of the ghost as soon as possible, Xia Mi agrees to help her. Along the way, Xia Mi and Le You in her become entangled with the currently hottest star Ke Rui Yu as well as the school’s most handsome boy Lin Hao.

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